Our doghouse contains an expandable agility tube that can be adjusted to a variety of lengths.  The open slate section of the dog house helps maintain fresh air for a comfortable sleeping area.  The covered area provides shelter from the Texas sun and rain.

Design Firm - SmithGroupJJR

Construction Firm - Austin Commercial

Bark Box


Dogs are not static.  They love to play, fetch and relax.  Congruently, the bark box is not static, it grows to reflect the dog's activity and personality.  Incorporated were operable stairs to encourage multiple levels of play, an interactive play wall to promote endless free play of fetching, and a serene interior to foster relaxation.

Design Firm - Stantec

Construction Firm - Linbeck Group



bARX is not just your dog's new home, it is a bed that will cradle your dog's body without putting pressure on their bones and will bring extreme comfort to your pet.  The soft edges in this home are vital since they will be more forgiving if the dog's sight fails with age.  The dog has easy access to the bed and a sanitary tray below allows for easy cleaning and replacement (if needed for elderly dogs).  The removable back panel allows you to reach inside and help your furry friend get themselves up in case their own legs refuse to do it for them.  Finally, for safety, low-rise, non-slip steps allow for your dog's easy use.

Design Firm - D2 Architecture

Construction Firm - SUFFOLK

Bird Dog Blind


The bird dog house caters to large dogs that enjoy watching birds.  The materials are simple, restrained and durable.  The perforated metal skin allows cross ventilation.  A long horizontal window allows the dog to enjoy bird watching while in a prone position.  The winged roof shape is inspired by birds flying up from the surrounding prairie.  A custom engraved wall pattern reflects a dog's joy of prancing through the prairie causing birds to fly away in mass.  Doors at both ends allow for a quick exist to begin the chase.

Design Firm - VLK Architects

Construction Firm - Cadence McShane

Contemporary Canine Cottage


This doghouse is designed to accommodate both the human desire for a pleasant aesthetic and the canine's desire to shelter in stealth while maintaining site of the yard.  The pup could enter this dog house, turn around 1-3 times, and lay with its back to the solid corner and its head laying on the floor.  The screen feature blocks the view of the resting pup from outside but allows him/her to view out from under the screen blades while in a resting position.  The roof is sloped diagonally from corner to corner for drainage and the angled pediment uses aluminum slats to provide ventilation. 

Design Firm - MJMC Architects

Construction Firm - C1S Group

Cool Breeze House


The Cool Breeze House is a canine pavilion that incorporates a system to reduce the temperature of a passing breeze to condition the shadded interior space.  Porous vertical tiles are saturated with water from a roof reservoir.  The closely-spaced drenched tiles have a combined large surface area and will cool the passing breeze as the water evaporates.  Access to the roof oasis is provided by a retractable, cantilevered stair.  To protect the interior climate and the evaporation fins from the sun and elements, a swinging gull-wing side panel can provide lots of shade and breeze , or close down to offer enhanced protection.

Design Firm - CMA

Construction Firm - Strategic Construction

Dog Haus


A simple, extruded form provides a large front overhang to shade the structure, while allowing the dog a front entry experience.  The dark, rigid form is traced by a second skin of light wood, allowing a contrast between the two materials.  The space itself is concrete, which allows the house to cool overnight aiding in a more passive cooling.  Vents in the rear of the house allow for airflow and ventilation.

Design Firm - Merriman Anderson Architects, Inc.

Construction Firm - Andres Construction

Dog Trot House


Traditional Dog Trot style house provides a place for sleeping and eating, under one roof.  Space left between wood siding and dog trot breezeway allows for adequate ventilation.  Large overhang allows for dog to be shaded, while eating, sleeping or lounging on the porch.  Pastel color of interior creates a calming atmosphere for the dog.

Design Firm - WRA Architecture

Construction Firm - WB Kibler Construction



Underlying complexity driven by a simple design, the Glohaus pokes fun at what a dog house truly is - cleverly disguising lighting and cooling systems that enhance the dog's living envelope.  This is a dog house.  Acting as a lantern, a pressure plate activated lighting system causes the doghouse to glow when a dog is seeking refuge.  This plate pressure is the final component in a chain of radiative cooling, bringing the dog a source of comfort on a hot summer day.  The doghouse accommodates all dog types, with a weather sealed envelope that can be interchangeable based on the dog's tactile need.

Design Firm - Gensler

Construction Firm - Stash Design

Green Woof


Green Woof contains many features that set it apart from a traditional dog house:  It has two levels, one which allows a dog to rest under the hyperbolic surface and a second level which allows the dog to perch and play atop the structure.  The structure has two main openings in order to allow for plenty of ventilation.  The undulating surface is visually striking and its shape allows for easy accessibility for dogs to climb on the roof and lounge.  The wood "structure" itself can be easily disassembled to be recycled after the dog house's life cycle.  Vertical wall near one of the openings creates a "nook" adding to a sense of security and shelter inside the dog house.

Design Firm - Page

Construction Firm - Ridgemont Commercial Construction

Haus of Cards


This house is playing card themed, perfect for the poker loving pooch and includes a picture frame to capture all his fun!  It features a geometric screen wall that shields your pup from the elements while allowing them to view the outdoors.  There are built-in dog bowls for convenient snacking.  This doghouse is specially customized for medium-sized dogs and includes removable grass for easy cleanup.

Design Firm - PBK Architects

Construction Firm - CORE Construction

Moderne Dog


For the canine whose sophisticated taste demands only the most dapper of domiciles, this house serves as both a plush retreat and attractive home furnishing.  No longer will your owner try and hide your homestead from guests or banish you to an out-of-sight utility room locale, but instead allow your private perch to take center stage as an elegant accessory to any modern living space.  Designed to nest below a wall mounted TV and with adjustable shelving for technology boxes, this house is sure to earn you prime house read estate!

Design Firm - The Beck Group

Construction Firm - Lasco Acoustics & Drywall

Pawffee Table


Living in a small space shouldn't prevent one from having a puppy friend.  This multi-functional pawffee table is a smarter way to live in a condo, apartment, townhome, or single-family home.  Designed for sophistication, but built for functionality, this pawffee table is ideal for the clever space-saving pet lover.

Design Firm - Omniplan

Construction Firm - VCC

Paw-Lynesian Getaway


This puppy retreat provides a comfortable hospitality inspired environment for a loyal dog and their person.  The Paw-Lynesian Getaway serves as a place to curl up for a nap, and a work top for a fun gathering in the backyard or inside the house.  Providing not only a cozy spot for a puppy retreat, but a sense of place that invites fun and relaxation for the entire family.

Design Firm - HKS, Inc.

Construction Firm - Manhattan Construction

Reunion Tower Geo-Doggie Deck


Inspired by Barkminister Fullers geodesic spheres and Welton Barket's Reunion Tower, Reunion Tower's Geo-Doggie Deck offers visitors unparalleled views of their own backyard.  An iconic addition to any backyard skyline, Reunion Tower illuminates its surroundings with LED fixtures spread throughout the dome.

Design Firm - Array Architecture

Construction Firm - Burleson Electric

Rock-A-Bye Puppy


The Rock-A-Bye-Puppy doghouse has been designed with light-weight, natural materials that integrate it with any interior environment.  The ergonomic contours allow the doghouse to rock back and forth.  Tension cables support the puppy and respond to its weight accordingly, therefore, granting a custom support system for your pup.  Cushions on the top and interior of the doghouse allow both owners and canines alike to relax.  Finally, the size of Rock-a-Bye-Puppy has been designed to house smaller dogs so that it may be used anywhere in your house.

Design Firm - HDR Architecture

Construction Firm - MEDCO Construction

Study Buddy


Psst..Buddy!  Yes, you up there.  Hi!  So, I love you a lot.  Like, A LOT!  That is why I want to make sure you know about my new home, Study Buddy.  Study Buddy is not only my bed when you are not home, IT IS SO MUCH MORE!  With one pull, my bed becomes your desk!  We can TOTALLY be professionals together and study together.  Well, YOU study and I will curl up next to you and play with your feet (or chew your shoes).  Now, you have no excuse not to stop by and say hello!  Just slide my Study Buddy and make you yourself at home.  My home is your home too!

Design Firm - BRW

Construction Firm - Oxford Associates



The dog hauler, model version Tailblazer, is designed to transform the outdoor scene.  It has a distinctive rounded shape with luxurious durable finished on the interior.  The Tailblazer model features:  a two tone exterior design with distinctive pin-striping detail, a patio that folds down to provide a unique space for a dog to stay, two skylights and a window to view the great outdoors, wood look vinyl flooring, modern vinyl wallcoverings and chic fabric accents, dishes, and a custom bed.  A tablet holder is included to have the ability to listen to music and/or watch a movie or TV show.  This pawfect camper is sure to provide shelter in style!

Design Firm - Quorum Architects

Construction Firm - Regent Construction Group

The Doggy Paddle


The Doggy Paddle House is a great place for man's best friend to escape the Texas heat.  The expandable house reveals a doggy pool to offer a chance to cool their paws if the heat is just too much.  Anti-microbial turf is used as the flooring to provide a cool, comfortable, and clean place for your furry friend to call home.  The open floor plan and chimney use sustainable practices to promote air movement across the dog with the help of a solar panel and fan.  Incorporation of pastel colors are used to promote a calming feeling as they enjoy their time within the house.  The expandability allows for easier transportation and flexiaibility for the owner!

Design Firms - FKP Architects and Campos Engineering

Construction Firm - Skanska



TURFHAUS is a sculptural spectacle that allows dogs to inhabit the type of space they want, the way they want to.  TURFHAUS uses slatted wood for light and ventilation, organic forms that create shelter and livable space, and natural materials for physical and visual comfort.  The form curves up the staircase and sraps back to the structure, which allows two levels the dog can inhabit - an open overlook space and a cozy sheltered space.  TURFHAUS can accommodate more than one dog, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and has a wide variety of uses for every kind of dog.

Design Firm - GFF Architects

Construction Firm - T&G Constructors